A Prayer Right on time as Crisis mode has reached an all time high As foundations shift, and forever impact lives  Buildings crumble with years investments  Lives are being changed forever, but my eyes remain to sky, understanding in my heart that I have no right to question why So I stay rooted and I […]

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In these Times

Lord. People are hurting People have reached their limit back pressed against the wall and mouths remain, mum People are treading blindly as relationships crumble, disasters continue and hate fills the world. Lord. People are upset, mad at the current situations they face, they see life as a mistake “Why am I here,” it’s a […]

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Colin’s Story

I stood for something   So, I knelt for injustice   There are many ways to prove a point   So I chose one.   Headline to Headline   Uprising or Riot, terms coined to describe the reaction.   I knelt for Travon as Zimmerman walks around with a smile on his face.   I […]

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I got locked up at a very young age, yes, at a very young age… I was out with some friends, yeah some close friends of mines. And after a party me, my girl, and two friends walked down the Boulevard to an after party; it was obvious after hours in a sketchy part of […]

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The Hope Slope 

What are feelings Emotions driven By the force of the order of things Known by man as the natural Occurrences of complex and unusual Cohesion or perplexed discord Does what I feel represent what I am Internally I’m a trillionaire, we’ll inept in the commonwealth, never struggling, direction heading in a steady slope, Thats why […]

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The True Story of Media Noir

“Hollywood Has A Major Diversity Problem, USC Study Finds” “Odell Beckham fought a net and started crying after Eli Manning’s game-changing interception” “Police say black teen shot by LAPD was armed with a handgun when he was killed” “Black Child with BB Gun Is Shot by Police in Columbus, Ohio” “Bill Cosby Does Not Want […]

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Untitled Emotions

Blinded by sin feeling lost and careless Revenge on my mind Searching for my soul but a soul You will not find No one cared about my feeling so I’m lost in this jungle called life finding my own healing God is calling my name But I cant hear him through this rain Fighting my […]

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Lets Skip An Introduction.

Walking through life on the daily causes me to ponder When I think about the lack of love The lack of God and the selfish ambition That we display daily is crazy To each his own but to me God Is Love So often we get in altercations with those we “love” And as quick […]

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