There is a hidden beauty coming from our flourishing African American community of many cultures, much of it hidden for too long. Our goal is shed light on that hidden beauty, that hidden talent, that unteachable gift. If you yourself have that same beauty hidden behind the pencil or brush; we here at the “Untold Story of Blanc” would love to have your piece(s) in our gallery.


Amongst those facts; we here at the “Untold Story of Blanc” would love to personally introduce our new main poet for the page, Ibrahima Yansane. Our selection of this gentlemen was no selection of our own, but one of the father himself. Be sure to tune in to the above “Poetry” archive for more pieces such as one found in “TO THE GRAVE FOR YOU”. We thank you for all your hard work and for joining the movement toward a brighter vision in our community. You’ll be able to find the posts to this portion of the site through the fifth horizontal tab labeled “Poetry“.


 -From Your Editor P.S.B.