The Untold Story of Blanc was designed by the minority, yet for the minority and beyond. Imagine waking up on a daily basis to see words and images that incorrectly depict your culture in every aspect. Now open your eyes, welcome to life as we know it, daily we see the misrepresentation of minority cultures in the media and no one can do anything about it. Until now, The Untold Story of Blanc was designed to end the misrepresentation of minority cultures in the media by creating a platform that truly displays accurate information from such communities. Now, you may be asking yourself how does this affect me? Imagine if you never had an encounter with an African-American individual and all that you had to base your perception of them was what you saw on mainstream media. How would you view such the individual? Imagine if all you knew was the murder rates, the failures, the mishaps, and all negatives that could come from the culture but never encountered the positive. More than likely your perspective would be skewed based off of what is put in front of you, now not to say that this is incorrect information, but what if I told you that such information doesn’t entail the full story.

Since the beginning of time, people have been telling the story of our culture from the outside. Due to these formalities, we often see generalization and stereotypes begin to arise. I’m sure you’ve heard the lots of them and for some, you may have even gone as far as beginning to believe them. Why? The reason being is because a mass majority of the content indulged comes from people who fail to represent the cultures.  As an individual of African descent, I remember growing up and all I wanted to be was a rapper or an athlete. The reason being is because the only success that I saw from individuals that looked like me were in these “career paths.” In my mind, the only way I was going to make it, is if I was athletically gifted or had an “enhanced vocabulary.” It wasn’t until I started to run into individuals that looked like me who thrived in the professional field, that I realized that I could be anything that I set my mind to being.

My mentor, George Curry, taught me that as long as I worked hard in life, success would never escape me. He continually encouraged me to pick up a book and invest in myself. He also taught me that knowledge was power. George Curry is no longer with us, but the knowledge he shared is eternal. As a pioneer for Black Journalism, he mentored thousands of the Black Journalists we see today. However, not everyone has access to mentors that generally care. It’s sad to find a lot of the role models for the youth aren’t doctors and lawyers and business-men or women because the media doesn’t focus on these aspects of our culture. These topics are what some may say are ” Not Marketable.”

That is why I, myself alongside my COO, Peter Belony, decided to take a stand. We were tired of the misrepresentation that our people have to face daily. We were tired of the perception that individuals placed on our culture because they were misinformed; that is why we made it our obligation to counteract the misrepresentation by spreading awareness and information that correctly portrays Minority Cultures as a WHOLE. Our goal is to uplift and encourage any and everyone by displaying the achievements and accolades from these communities.  We are two African-Americans trying to make a difference by sharing the knowledge that was passed down from the generations before us in an effort to break the chain of self-hate and the ignorance of other cultures that we see today.

If you like what you see and want to support our mission please do not hesitate and donate! The Untold Story Of Blanc is here to motivate and inspire the up-coming generations by sharing the positive aspect of life.