It’s 3am and I’m UP…. I should go to bed but I can’t sleep. I habitually surf through Instagram pics looking for an instafix to an intimacy deficiency problem. As my fingers scroll through pictures of people who only post there best moments in an attempt to filter their lives from living as unhappy people, […]

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A Prayer Right on time as Crisis mode has reached an all time high As foundations shift, and forever impact lives  Buildings crumble with years investments  Lives are being changed forever, but my eyes remain to sky, understanding in my heart that I have no right to question why So I stay rooted and I […]

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In these Times

Lord. People are hurting People have reached their limit back pressed against the wall and mouths remain, mum People are treading blindly as relationships crumble, disasters continue and hate fills the world. Lord. People are upset, mad at the current situations they face, they see life as a mistake “Why am I here,” it’s a […]

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I got locked up at a very young age, yes, at a very young age… I was out with some friends, yeah some close friends of mines. And after a party me, my girl, and two friends walked down the Boulevard to an after party; it was obvious after hours in a sketchy part of […]

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To My Love

To my love! I love you, I need you! I remember when you told me that you would never leave me. You told me not to fear because you overcame the world. And I still neglected the truth. I wanted to have fun and party as a bachelor and come home and sneak through the […]

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Feelings Are Fleeting

“Just because something is present in you, doesn’t mean that you believe in that thing. However it may be what you have allowed yourself to believe in”. Therefore guard your heart, access the feelings and perceptions that try to associate and identify themselves with you. Resolve in your heart who you are through the word […]

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Introduction To Worship Page

The purpose of this blog is to promote all aspects of the Black Culture; that being said, I constantly find myself placing God within the conversations. The reason being is because, recently I have found myself so overwhelmed by God working in my life, that I can’t help it. Granted, I am far from perfect, […]

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