It’s 3am and I’m UP…. I should go to bed but I can’t sleep. I habitually surf through Instagram pics looking for an instafix to an intimacy deficiency problem. As my fingers scroll through pictures of people who only post there best moments in an attempt to filter their lives from living as unhappy people, […]

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Nicolas Monroe Feature

 Intimate. Your favorite jazz record on vinyl painting the room. Dim lights and charka candles aligning the energies. Let me cater to you. Your favorites fruit dripping a bowl. Ready to stimulate your taste buds. Lay your head on my lap and give me your hand. Close your eyes. Feel the vibration from the tone […]

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Ain’t Let Me In

The club owner ain’t let me in, So I built one. The coach said I couldn’t shoot, So I bought the team. “YOU can’t do….” So I did. Just so I can be remembered for a lesson to the kids Life fights to deny you, others will come and try you, But he who perseveres […]

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Dedication is the key to the success. Wether or not one understands your passion is beneath you. Your niche is for you, understand that God prepared a path specifically for you and the world may not understand it at first. Many come before you and doubt your process. In the minds of the people, your […]

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  From the moment I laid eyes on you, My eyes gazed through you peeking into The beautiful soul I saw shining behind the flesh of your chest. A notion of remembrance as I gaze back Intention of love snatched back Reality struck, bittersweet situation With growth blooming as a rose Stuck between a bundle […]

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Diversity- the state of being diverse; variety. Different beings coexisting in the melting pot of life. On a day to day basis, crossing paths filling each other’s needs in this thing we call life. Red, and Yellow, Black and White, all precious in his sight. Right? Unity- the state of being united or joined as […]

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Facial Figure

Hair— golden-brown, like sweet maple saps, Brows— recurved canoes quivered by the anxious truth, stop, don’t let the negative thoughts loose Her eyes— deep in depth, light mist of tears into more so sheets of rain condensing on the flesh below Yet glistening beautifully in mine line sight And her muscles encroached while her tears […]

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I got my finger on the pulse of the people and our hearts are beating like we’re 600lbs and we just had the big piece of cake……we’re ready to explode. So if one more person mentions black privilege I’m coming in your house guns blazing and I bet when I walk out I won’t get […]

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Dear Her.

Dear Her, Where do I begin? I could start with the apology, but that would be too anticlimactic. I’ll save that for the end. Her, I was so stupid. I clearly didn’t appreciate the gift that God had presented me. Her, you were everything and more than to a friend to me. No wonder I […]

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