CEO & Co-Founder

Alexander Joseph Blanc


It started with heartbreak


As it always does


Reactive never Proactive


As it Always was,


Tis the Untold Story 


of Blanc


An Untold Story of White


The Untold Story of Right


And the Truth of Black




It Never Lacks


But Yet the Story Re


COO & Co-Founder

Peter Scott Belony


mains  Untold


The Truth yet to Unfold


The Knowledge We Cant Hold


The Reason We Cant Be Bold


All Factors of The Untold


Kings Queens


Thrones Crowns


Once Great


Reduced to


The  Folks Below


The Poverty Line




Here are the lies


that lies beneath


The Truth You Seek


The Truth We Speak


Peril to Perilous


Merry to Mary Jane


Imprisoned in cages


Men Slain


Once Again


The Cycle Unfolds


As We Present To You


 The Stories of Blanc 




“The Untold Story Of Blanc, ” is a marketplace of ideas and a platform to promote the positive images of the Minority Culture. As well as speak on everyday situations that everyone goes through . Follow us as we tell the

“True Story of Noir”