Right on time as

Crisis mode has reached an all time high

As foundations shift, and forever impact lives 

Buildings crumble with years investments 

Lives are being changed forever, but my eyes remain to sky, understanding in my heart that I have no right to question why

So I stay rooted and I take heart 

Knowing that God will forever play his part.

Lord your people need you more now than ever 

As materials crumble and lifestyles are done away with, all that is left is your presence.

Lord, please be the promised comforter in a time when people seem to be losing hope

Lord your are the same today as your were yesterday and tomorrow, nothing will change

Your love for mankind will forever remain the same

We say thank you, that you stay consistent even though with blind eyes we often miss it .

You tell us hold on and preserve just like Paul told Timothy you ain’t give us a spirit of fear. 

We humbly ask,

That hardened hearts be turned to flesh and for the healing of the broken-hearted 

We send up this prayer for the victims of all natural disasters that they may be see your grace. So they may understand that you have gone ahead and prepared a place. 
Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the recent natural disasters worldwide, as they seem to become more prevalent we continuously send up our prayers.