Jemele’s Story

Oppression – the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.
Many individuals can identify with this noun, over the course of history individuals have encountered injustice on many levels. So when you hear an individual speak out for the oppressed, it is remarkable to see the constant onslaught that one would receive for simply speaking their mind. Slander? I beg to differ when the statements being said carry the truth before every period. So what was said you ask? What stirred this outrage? A statement said by an individual who exercised her right to the first amendment, only to be ridiculed for something that may hold some truth behind it.
Jemele Hill, Host of Sportscenter at six,  has been the hot subject for some time now because of her comment against the current leader, of the “free” world, The 45th president of the United States of America, Donald J Trump. She called him “a white supremacist,” and now she faces Trumps America. Now if I had a dollar for every time I heard that statement, the money would probably amount to more than Trump has claimed on his taxes over the course of his lifetime. If one were to log on to twitter right now and type in “Donald Trump,” you can only imagine what you would find, so now why is this situation different?

Why is this the headline on every media outlet throughout the nation?  Maybe it’s because the leader of the free world is so focused on his image and how people perceive him, driving him to get to twitter with his twitter fingers to respond to the statements? Or maybe is it because ESPN, a network we’ve all come to love, disassociated themselves with Ms. Hill immediately after the statement was released. Or maybe it is because she is an African American female speaking the truth in 2017, where an era of alternative facts run rampage. Not to mention she is great at what she does, how dare she speak out the against the president? No one can relate to oppression more than a woman of African American descent, and this is just another form of oppression and a violation of the first amendment. The fact that her position is being questioned at ESPN due to the statements said against the president on her personal time is quite astounding.

The double standard of society continues, as I recall for eight years a certain individual by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, faced a constant onslaught of slander and libel, even from Donald Trump himself. So I return to the question, why is this different?

The fact that she is an African American woman speaking her mind, in society’s eyes that is taboo and she had no right. Except she had every right to say what she did, despite how people felt about it, what Jemele Hill said was her opinion and she tweeted it on her personal twitter account. She didn’t get on her primetime show and say anything on the air, she simply spoke her mind on twitter just like the other millions of individuals that use the app. So to see this story reach this level, it just speaks of the injustice and oppression that people of color, women specifically, have to face. The ideology of misogynistic individuals has been spreading and this a clear-cut example, by no means should Jemele Hill’s job even have been mentioned. You have individuals on FOX that have said worse, that have been accused of worse, but yet, they parade on national television like they own it.
This is just another example of the direction that this nation is continuing to head, a place where the truth is an ” alternative fact,” and the lies become the focus of we hold to be true. Jemele Hill was not wrong for speaking her mind and it is honestly sad that she is facing these repercussions for something that nearly everyone has said over the span of the last year. We at TheUntoldStoryOfBlanc, are in full support of Jemele Hill and encourage her to keep speaking her mind. The fact of the matter is there’s a problem with this society and not enough people are talking about. So here’s to all the individuals like Jemele who are unapologetic and continuing to speak the truth.

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  1. Tell me, would it have been OK in your mind if I had been ridiculed, lambasted, and had my company separate itself from me if I’d called Obama a nigger on my own time? I would have been, after all, just exercising my freedom of speech on my own time and using my own resources.

    If not, why do you think it’s acceptable to most Americans for their two one standard for a Black female and another for a White man?

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