“Know Your Worth.”
We’ve all heard the phrase, and most of us have probably said it to someone at one point in life. We say this phrase but honestly, how many of us put it into practice. How does one display knowing their worth? This phrase can apply to nearly anything in life, whether it’s relationships, business related topics or just general lifestyle opportunities, one must always know their worth. Understanding that your value and contribution to life is far beyond what you may think in your mind. Knowing that you hold value in this society despite what the world may say. Society fears for individuals to understand their worth because it profits on our lack of understanding of the subject.
We settle it’s what we do but I’m here to tell you it’s time to understand your value. You are capable of changing the culture of society and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We settle for toxic relationships because we’re sewn into the idea of finding love early. We have the desires and sometimes the first person that shows us affection gets our heart. Fast Forward, ten years down the road you in a state of anger blaming the “others” for ruining your life. We have to stop blaming others for actions on the decisions that we make. We aren’t patient and often we aren’t willing to wait for what we deserve. We hear the rags to riches stories and our hearts get warmed after hearing them, but yet we lose sight that I can do it too.
Master P said it best, “once I only had $500 in my pocket. Me and C-Murder about to fight because I’m turning down a million dollars, but I feel like I was making history. I knew I was worth more than that. If this guy’s gonna give me a million dollars, I gotta be worth $40 million or $50 million.”
Today, Master P’s net worth stands around $250 Million, all because he understood his worth. Learn about his life and the many other examples that are out there. Situations may be tough and someone might be dangling what you want in your but understand that your value far exceeds what the individual is offering. Press on and be patient, your time is coming.