Ain’t Let Me In

The club owner ain’t let me in,
So I built one.
The coach said I couldn’t shoot,
So I bought the team.
“YOU can’t do….”
So I did.
Just so I can be remembered for a lesson to the kids
Life fights to deny you, others will come and try you,
But he who perseveres to the end will be saved.
And as long as God provides the day,
Then he will always make a way.
Life lessons learned over generations, passed down to the next.
In hopes that the next generation will no longer feel oppressed .
We fight as they fought,
Teach the culture that they taught.
Achievements in the present based on the failures of past.
Thanking God for the lessons learned, as grace was all I had.
Pushed back life in an effort to be me.
Pushed back life and I learned to be free.
Because I know I’m covered from anything formed against me.