Dedication is the key to the success.
Wether or not one understands your passion is beneath you. Your niche is for you, understand that God prepared a path specifically for you and the world may not understand it at first. Many come before you and doubt your process. In the minds of the people, your cause is lost. Yet, all are unaware that your vision is ordained from above. Faith is choosing to believe, choosing to embrace that God does not make mistakes and understanding that where you are now, is just a place for God to mold and shape. We all get broken down simply to be re-established with authority, appointed by God himself to serve. Understand that we are destined to obtain riches from a higher place.
God’s children will be fully clothed and covered by God’s grace. People may laugh today, but all will understand tomorrow. Because God will keep his promises and reward you for your sorrow. Keep hope alive, and never give in to the lies. Especially those sly lines that would leave one to compromise. Stay on the path, “Trust the Process” or better yet, don’t give up on God. Times may be hard, but not without reason, remember that these times are here only for a mere season