Eric Jones: LFLS Shoes

Life can throw many curveballs and obstacles, how we persevere through those displays our character and determination. Nothing in life should hinder you from reaching your full potential. This is very true in the case of Eric Jones, CEO designer of “LFLS,” shoe company.
Eric Jones grew up in the small town of Helena, Arkansas where not a lot of people even get to make it out and go to college. Eric was not your average kid though; his daily routine consisted of going to school, work and caring for his bedridden grandmother. When his grandmother passed away it had hit him pretty hard, however, Eric remained focus on school, trying to make it out of his small town to pursue a better life for him and his family. When he graduated from high school in 2013, he then moved to the University of Arkansas. Sadly, his father soon passed away right after his move. Dealing with the death of a parent is enough to cause us to lose focus and stop us in our tracks. That was not the case for Eric Jones, as continued to push forward and stay focused on his goals.
Despite all of the obstacles that Eric he faced, he continued to move forward with his education and in doing so, he fell in love with fashion. Eric fell in love with the dapper suited look. Growing up around his grandmother, he was always exposed to the vintage, clean, sleek & suited look. With the support of his mother, he started his own company.
“I wanted to create shoes that would complement the vintage suited look” and he did just that with the LFLS shoe company. “It’s a tastefully vintage look with a Sleek Modernized touch” – Eric Jones
The “Melanated Louboutin” was truly empowered with his number one fan and supporter behind him, his mother. Eric felt like there was nothing that could get in his way, nothing could stop him,  he’s finally found his calling and he was on his way. Then, the worst thing that could possibly happen; happened. Eric lost his mother to an unforeseen sickness that ended her life. A situation that would have discouraged any and everybody that encountered it, but Eric is no ordinary man. This situation motivated him, pushing him on the path of entrepreneurship with success being his only option. Jones, has innovated the shoe industry with LFLS Shoes.
His designs add a very modernized artistic touch to a sleek simplistic vintage look. For example, the “Bachman” shoes are a pair of unique suede loafers with tassel detail and a nonfunctional zipper that is strategically affixed to the heel as never seen before.Then, you have the “Abide”, a “beautiful double monk-strap with added fringe details”. You can dress up or dress down these beautifully crafted shoes with a nice suit or dress casually with a nice pair of pants or jeans or shorts. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of LFLS shoes. You’re getting luxury at a very affordable price and quality that is truly amazing. With its carefully crafted designs and its superior quality, we will soon be finding these at local stores in the near future. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of LFLS shoes on your feet.
Eric Jones has proven that despite the adversity one may encounter in life, better days are among you. Moreover, that you can be who you want to be and you can press on in any situation with hard work and dedication.  As a Black Entrepreneur, we encourage Eric and others who are pursuing their dreams to never give up. As long as God provides a tomorrow, then the opportunity will always be available, be patient for your blessing because it’s promised. We commend you and we support you. Thrive On!



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