In these Times

People are hurting
People have reached their limit back pressed against the wall and mouths remain, mum
People are treading blindly as relationships crumble, disasters continue and hate fills the world.
People are upset, mad at the current situations they face, they see life as a mistake “Why am I here,” it’s a sad case, but unaware that their purpose was established in the womb and that you never make mistakes. Your word is black and white and you honor it above your name.
So in this book of life, we thank you for all the promises you made.
That ensures that today will be a better day
And while sure disasters may be present but they all surely pass away.
Thank you that you will never leave nor forsake us despite all that we have done.
In your heart, you love all of us, each and every one.
Lord, in times of disasters I really have no words to say so I’m sending this prayer knowing that you WILL make a way.
In Jesus’s HOLY, MIGHTY name, I pray
My heart goes out to those affected in Sierra Leone and Houston. May God keep you and comfort you during these troubling times.