Let’s Talk Positive 

Let’s Talk Positive.
With everything that has been going on recently, there has been something that has been on my heart recently to share. As much as everyone is looking at the negatives of the situation, which is the fact, that hate is still very prevalent in the society. One thing that we cannot neglect and we should not neglect is the fact that people are uniting to combat this hate.
With all that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia; one can say that there’s no hope for for humanity, there’s no hope for America. Some believe that Love is fallacy, unable to be practiced, a word that is simply thrown out there simply to season a sentence.
We cannot just talk about the negative and not address the positive. We can’t just talk about people who are creating and causing such tense situations and turn our backs towards the people that are trying to alleviate the pain, the people that serve as counselors wedged in the middle of hate during these conflicts. It is very encouraging to see what was the display of character, the display of poise, the display of unity, the display of courage by the people that counter protested the alt right protest in Boston.
 Now, this is just one example of how people have been responding to theses acts of pure ignorance and violence. We have all seen and I have even gone as far as writing about the Colin Kaepernick situation. Now, to see people rally in front of NFL headquarters to support this man who stood for something by kneeling; It’s breathtaking, you saw people of different races, ethnicities, and cultures coming together for a common good.
All this to say let’s not over look the Unity that is being displayed to counterattack Hate….Since the counter protest of Boston and the events in Charlottesville, Confederate statues have been coming down left and right.
The power of unity and resiliency has been displayed. Unity conquers Hates and we’ve seen that on many different levels over the past weeks. We can change the narrative, we can grow together and live in peace.