From the moment I laid eyes on you, My eyes gazed through you peeking into
The beautiful soul I saw shining behind the flesh of your chest.
A notion of remembrance as I gaze back
Intention of love snatched back
Reality struck, bittersweet situation
With growth blooming as a rose
Stuck between a bundle of thorns
Reach for the rose, pierced by the thorns
The pain spreads through every nerve of my body
As blood streams from the point of impact,
I take two steps to check myself
Am I still intact?
You see these thorns aren’t average sized
No!!! Far from it, but these thorns are sharp enough to pierce the hardest of materials. So imagine what these thorns would do to a man’s heart. Capable of leaving the deepest lacerations known to man, leaving many unable to fathom the damage. Many have tried, but only one will succeed.
With such extraordinary thorns, you can only imagine the rose. Perfectly placed in the center while comfortably wrapped in thorns that the world can’t explain. The beauty of the rose stands tall beyond the imagination of the common man. Far beyond the words that an individual can piece together to describe something that clearly was molded and placed on this earth by God himself.


It’s as if one day He came down in all his glory he stepped down his throne and personally came down to plant this seed. He watered it daily and watched as it flourished into the creme de la creme.
Placed, awaiting the day that I would come to remove the sword from the stone accomplishing a task that many before me had failed. So I reached again and again only to face a constant result. Blood drenched, flesh torn off by a protective shell. But, persistence is the key to success. With the last that was within me, I close my eyes and reach with hopes of breaking through the barrier set up.
I slowly open my eyes, dazed by blood loss I gaze in amazement at the sight of the what lied in the palm of my hand. Floating in the pool of red,
The Rose.
In awe of the Rose, I examine every detail on it.
Up close, a message on the petal of the rose read:
“For YOU, this rose was placed here for YOU from the moment YOU were born. Understand the Trials were just a matter of preparation, remember the steps as you bask in the glory. Understand the purpose of thorns, as they serve as protection for the Rose. In their absence, you rise as protector of the Rose.” – God 
I fought for something I wanted and my resilience was rewarded. Doesn’t matter if people think I deserved it because God showed me I earned it. My Rose with everything I will protect you, understanding the protection that God dressed you with wouldn’t be given to anyone that was far from special. Daily, I thank him for you as I stare at my scars. There were moments when I wanted to give up but, looking at you, MY rose, I would go through it all again.