Colin’s Story

I stood for something


So, I knelt for injustice


There are many ways to prove a point


So I chose one.


Headline to Headline


Uprising or Riot, terms coined to describe the reaction.


I knelt for Travon as Zimmerman walks around with a smile on his face.


I took a knee for Freddy Grey, while society stayed in the gray area of determining wether or not injustice was displayed.


So I stayed rooted in the cause


Unmoved by the condemnation given by the media.


I stood for what I believed, even if it was against the popular demand.


Tamar Rice would’ve been 15 this year….


Let that sink in


3 years passed by but the narrative remains the same


“Unarmed Black person killed by officer, officer has not been charged “


The killer is out at large


And many remain mum, mouths closed, heads bowed


Eyes turned away from the present reality that we see


Sunday Best, before the rest I took a stand, and I took a knee.


You wouldn’t believe the backlash I faced as a result


It’s as if I committed assault, or better yet murder.


Who would’ve ever thought doing a right would hurt you?


I love the game, they say I put it to shame.


But when they look back ten years from now they will remember the name


An inspirational figure, for my brothers of




To never let another hold something above you.


Stand up for you what you believe in


Understand to achieve to win from within


Know your worth and stand behind it


For through it all, that’s where the shine is


From football biggest stage to a so called football disgrace


I took a stand to make my case and stand along with my race


I…blackballed for a common good, a pivotal page in society, stand.


With no regrets, rising from a small football role to a role within my community.


I stand to be a voice against injustice regardless of reaction.


Can’t change the past but we can influence the future.


I’m a leader for the future


Who am I?



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