I got my finger on the pulse of the people and our hearts are beating like we’re 600lbs and we just had the big piece of cake……we’re ready to explode.
So if one more person mentions black privilege I’m coming in your house guns blazing and I bet when I walk out I won’t get a trip to Burger King.
But if you ask me the only privilege we have in America is to die.
Because y’all niggas that’s still living, like my man Usher said,
You got it bad.
When you walk into CVS and all eyes on you,
like you in the observatory lab.
Because the 1.79 pack of sour patch kids you came for is too deep for your pockets, so by the time you reach the door you can already hear the sighs of relief.
Store clerks all over the country thanking God they didn’t have to call the police.
All the while, we’re doing the same, because apparently all you gotta do to reach a new level of fame is to be too trigger happy.
In this shoot first receive praise later nightmare we live in. All it takes is one shot to the head now you know he dead. Laying in the streets for hours. Hiding behind your gun and badge in the streets we call you a coward. Yet we are still gripped by your throngs of power. And our response is not to sit back and cower, but we were taught to have grace and forgive; but we will stand up and fight back because at the end of the day this is no way to live. Expecting each bite to be my last, but we continue to eat cake until the feelings pass.


Owen Hart, MD

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