In these Times

Lord. People are hurting People have reached their limit back pressed against the wall and mouths remain, mum People are treading blindly as relationships crumble, disasters continue and hate fills the world. Lord. People are upset, mad at the current situations they face, they see life as a mistake “Why am I here,” it’s a […]

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Let’s Talk Positive 

Let’s Talk Positive. With everything that has been going on recently, there has been something that has been on my heart recently to share. As much as everyone is looking at the negatives of the situation, which is the fact, that hate is still very prevalent in the society. One thing that we cannot neglect […]

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  From the moment I laid eyes on you, My eyes gazed through you peeking into The beautiful soul I saw shining behind the flesh of your chest. A notion of remembrance as I gaze back Intention of love snatched back Reality struck, bittersweet situation With growth blooming as a rose Stuck between a bundle […]

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Diversity- the state of being diverse; variety. Different beings coexisting in the melting pot of life. On a day to day basis, crossing paths filling each other’s needs in this thing we call life. Red, and Yellow, Black and White, all precious in his sight. Right? Unity- the state of being united or joined as […]

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Colin’s Story

I stood for something   So, I knelt for injustice   There are many ways to prove a point   So I chose one.   Headline to Headline   Uprising or Riot, terms coined to describe the reaction.   I knelt for Travon as Zimmerman walks around with a smile on his face.   I […]

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Facial Figure

Hair— golden-brown, like sweet maple saps, Brows— recurved canoes quivered by the anxious truth, stop, don’t let the negative thoughts loose Her eyes— deep in depth, light mist of tears into more so sheets of rain condensing on the flesh below Yet glistening beautifully in mine line sight And her muscles encroached while her tears […]

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I got my finger on the pulse of the people and our hearts are beating like we’re 600lbs and we just had the big piece of cake……we’re ready to explode. So if one more person mentions black privilege I’m coming in your house guns blazing and I bet when I walk out I won’t get […]

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