Dear Her.

Dear Her,
Where do I begin? I could start with the apology, but that would be too anticlimactic. I’ll save that for the end. Her, I was so stupid. I clearly didn’t appreciate the gift that God had presented me. Her, you were everything and more than to a friend to me. No wonder I couldn’t wait to mend the M in Me. So in the end, we could forever live as We. But, we couldn’t coexist. And Her, I blame myself for that matter. Because I made it very clear that when I was with my boys that, “Her life doesn’t matter.” Her, I don’t remember saying I love you, so here it is; I love you. It’s crazy how you were around and I barely said anything, but now that you’re gone I thought of a million things I wish I could tell you. Like, how you’re not abrasive; better yet your ambitions clothe you. I saw that from the very First time I got close to you.
Forgot to mention you’re a leader and helper in one; I never got to thank you for that. Prepared to take control at any time, but also prepared to play the background so I could shine. Her, I’m now realizing that you’re this little light of mine. I appreciate you and more so now in the absence of your presence. Her, there’s just so much I want to say but words can’t explain. Like how much Grace did it take for God to even allow you to walk past my face? I could never forget the day, my life was forever changed. Grace indeed, as it was something that I didn’t deserve. I had some nerve, calling you those words.
Her, what’s crazier is that I started a trend. I guess it’s cool to treat a woman bad nowadays. I wish the guys would just man up and tell the girls that they’re just afraid. I was scared to commit, scared to settle down. So I made it seem like I didn’t care. I birthed a nation of cowards, following in my footsteps; making the same mistakes I made all those years ago. They objectify women and call them out their names and they walk around putting everything they do to shame. Failing to realize the daughters of today are the wives of tomorrow.
The mothers of the future.
Creating rips and tears in the foundations of each woman. We passionately fight with the moral of the land for our selfish ambitions. Her, I started that trend, so with humility, I’m here to make amends.
To lead by example for all my good friends. I’m sorry, that I picked at your warm embrace so much that you had built a hard exterior simply to protect yourself. I’m sorry that I didn’t say I love you and I didn’t value your worth. I’m sorry that I didn’t consider you as an individual. I apologize for the disrespect and the words that I can never take back.
You are a Queen, Royalty to the highest degree. A Child of God, a light in the world of the living dead. You shine brightly internally so others around you won’t be put to shame by your greatness. I love you her, I really do and I can’t change the past but here’s to you.
With Love,
Alexander Blanc

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