Does it REALLY matter?

Please forgive me in advance! The unapologetic tone of this article may cause stomach pain and headaches across the board.
I have to ask a question, do black lives matter to black people? Or do they only matter when a Cop is holding the gun. Is homicide an injustice that stirs an outrage, only when it’s committed by the “boys in the blue.” I apologize if I offended you, but I’m offended to hear the cries of the elderly scared to walk down the street of the Baltimore. Open cries established due to the fear of being killed. Death has become desensitized and we’ve come to accept violence as if it is in our nature. Headlines read ” Unidentified man Killed in shooting,” and we look over it with mindset “damn not another one,” and we progress on with our day. But what do we say, what do we do, we live in lies so terrified of the truth.
Maybe we are apart of the problem.
We see the fruit, which is the Youth decaying before our very eyes. However, wrapped in our own lives, we look past them as time flies and then; WE WONDER WHY? “How could they do this and how could they do that?”Forgetting that as a society it is us who turned our backs! Education is profit, not to serve the community or so it seems. I mean we dedicate our life to the green and we are taught to get it by any means. Can’t blame the hood for the wanting a piece of the pie. Especially when you have educated people that don’t even try. Wise Fools is what we call them, the paradox of life. It’s no wonder why we encounter so much strife. Why it’s so easy for another man to take another’s life. It’s about time the culture shifts, no more hating, how about we uplift. Build each other and love on each other. Let us actually practice the act of loving our brothers.
My black brothers, let me be the first to apologize. I have been selfish in the past and wrapped in my own life for too long, You all needed me and I was nowhere to be found . I apologize for the pain and heartache, you suffered alone. Just know I am here with you now, and although  I cannot make amends for the time lost. I promise to make more,  of the time ahead.