To My Love

To my love! I love you, I need you!
I remember when you told me that you would never leave me.
You told me not to fear because you overcame the world.
And I still neglected the truth.
I wanted to have fun and party as a bachelor and come home and sneak through the back door
Knowing that my love was at home
Waiting up late night with worry in your heart
I apologize for the disarray that I caused
Forgive me for I was young and naive.
I was torn between the fast life and settling down.
I left you at the alter once before and you still accepted me back .
I truly am not worthy of this unconditional love
Why are you so good to me!
With all I’ve done, you still accept me ?
With all I said and the pain that I’ve caused, Lord, you still love me?
How can you love a wretch like me ?
How can you leave the 99 just to come save me?
 You’re so faithful, so loyal, so righteous and I turned my back on that!?
Lord! Lord! Forgive me! For I didn’t understand this love. I tried, but I know that nothing can take your place. The warmest place to be is under your arms. I’ve searched the world for many years and the only thing I found outside your love is my demise. I stood at the intersection of life and death on several occasions Lord and you served as the GPS to the destination known as life.
In you, I found purpose. In you, I found life. In you, I found happiness.
Jesus, my love, I need you.
And there is no other place I’d rather be.
Alexander Blanc