Chancellor Johnathan Bennette

Chancellor Johnathan Bennette, 24, was born in the West Chatham neighborhood of Chicago Illinois known for its extensive drug and crime activity. Chance the Rapper rose above all the expectations coming from Chicago choosing a more positive path to follow. Chance isn’t your typical rapper who raps about money, cars and girls instead he chose […]

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This lifestyle was a choice, a personal decision to hold me for a later time. I didn’t know what to think in the beginning, so many failed attempts to preserve myself for the one true love that God had prepared for me. How? I had been engulfed in a culture of my own lust where […]

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I got locked up at a very young age, yes, at a very young age… I was out with some friends, yeah some close friends of mines. And after a party me, my girl, and two friends walked down the Boulevard to an after party; it was obvious after hours in a sketchy part of […]

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Dear Her.

Dear Her, Where do I begin? I could start with the apology, but that would be too anticlimactic. I’ll save that for the end. Her, I was so stupid. I clearly didn’t appreciate the gift that God had presented me. Her, you were everything and more than to a friend to me. No wonder I […]

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Does it REALLY matter?

Please forgive me in advance! The unapologetic tone of this article may cause stomach pain and headaches across the board. I have to ask a question, do black lives matter to black people? Or do they only matter when a Cop is holding the gun. Is homicide an injustice that stirs an outrage, only when […]

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