The Hope Slope 

What are feelings
Emotions driven
By the force of the order of things
Known by man as the natural
Occurrences of complex and unusual
Cohesion or perplexed discord
Does what I feel represent what I am
Internally I’m a trillionaire, we’ll inept in the commonwealth, never struggling, direction heading in a steady slope,
Thats why I send the “mmmmm” text to the ex when influenced by conversations about the next.
Feel me b?
Steady increase is how I feel internally.
Externally the slope manages to turn into waves.
The ups and downs correlate to Wins and Losses
Foes turn bosses, life flips and tosses .
But my internal slope remains consistent; steady upwards
With no dimension of digression
Forward movement straight progression
Life has a share of flatlines since death doesn’t discriminate
Externally Hesitant, Internally Persistent
Mind over matter knowing what is written
Success at different angles points and dimensions.
Defeat across flat lines
But life is a wave, with the mindset forward
 a slope .
– Alexander Blanc