Words From Blanc

Hello All,
I know it has been a while, a lot has happened over the last two months, thus hindering me from posting as much as I would like. That being said I have returned and I am back with more energy than ever. Excited for what life has to offer, being a newly graduated Alumni of Morgan State University. Life has definitely opened the gates of opportunity withholding nothing from life. This post has a similar tune, a reflection post to say the least. For this post I need each and everyone one of you too dig deep in your memory of the time you were at your lowest. The moment when you felt, “this was it” and the “was beyond closing in because you could feel life being snatched away. You vividly hear each moment of life ticking away, or so it seems. Often we allow ourselves to be burdened by situations, hopeless at times we feel like this is life. Maybe life is just long suffering with short moments of serenity and joy, given that every time we seem to find joy, chaos immediately follows. This is what we tell ourselves, and we begin to create a negative perception of life and all its gifts. The saying goes “you take your wins with your losses,” situations will forever occur that are not within our control. That being said, we cannot allow these situations to dictate our attitude towards life. Life is hard, no questions about it, but recently I was blessed with some wisdom from an unexpected source; my eighteen year old cousin. Now that may seem insignificant at first, but when I tell you my cousin has Down syndrome, does that change anything? After ten minutes of our conversation; I gathered myself, picking up my jaw off the ground and proceeding on my way. Then, I thought to myself. “I am so ungrateful,” literally you would’ve had to have been there to see the joy pouring off of the girl.She explained how despite her medical struggles,she found joy in every aspect of life because she was alive and able to praise the lord. PRAISE THE LORD? will everything that she had endured throughout a lifetime, that statement was the last thing I would’ve expected.  I asked myself, how she does it? You could just feel a sense of peace with every word she spoke. A melodic tone of confidence behind the educating gems that she was dropping; I took a step back and accepted the blessing. God was speaking through this child, and I’ll share this with you, Life has it struggles, no question about it. Certain times you might even feel like life may never get better. I’m here to tell you that it does. However, one must transform their mindset for their blessings to fall on them. You can’t dwell in the negative because they last for only a moment. But we’re designed to solely focus on the negative situations at times. We might fight these emotions and never lose hope because the Lord doesn’t put our hope to shame. My cousin helped to remind me that, no matter the situation, Gods reveals himself and shines in his due glory. Trust that he will not put your hope to shame.
With Love