Verse 1: All my life I’ve been rejected, I am the most rejected, nothing ever has been open to me. Since conception I have been put aside, who am I? I am the gum under your shoe, the pebble you just threw, the jigaboo to your coon-ery, I am black You have sent me a […]

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Job Season

  Here’s to everyone in their “Job season,” peace and love from our lord and savior. Todays post is for anyone that is in the struggle, who feels the burden of life. This post is for those who feel like they can’t go on, as the weight of the world and its problems attempt to […]

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People shop too much I guess that’s why they Payless attention, T-mobile-lizing no where fast while sprint-ing through life digging up wells while fargo-ing their souls to crooked crows. Tj-Maxx-ed out all your credit cards, Micheal, Ross, and Modell be triple teaming you silly. I can’t believe you sold your soul to Jc for a […]

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Bring Our Kids Home

The morning of March 17, saddened by the news that several of my sisters and some brothers have been taken from their homes. Broken families, potential futures lost, with no lead or trail to follow. 12 daughters gone. Ages ranging from 13-18; children lost in this cold world seeking for a chance to be reunited […]

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Feelings Are Fleeting

“Just because something is present in you, doesn’t mean that you believe in that thing. However it may be what you have allowed yourself to believe in”. Therefore guard your heart, access the feelings and perceptions that try to associate and identify themselves with you. Resolve in your heart who you are through the word […]

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How many apples will I eat before I realize that not all fruit is pleasing for knowledge. How bigheaded will I get, my head is full of helium, my belly is fat with greed like the coins laid before Buddha her body is laid before me like plates, I smile at her offering of herself, […]


Introduction To Worship Page

The purpose of this blog is to promote all aspects of the Black Culture; that being said, I constantly find myself placing God within the conversations. The reason being is because, recently I have found myself so overwhelmed by God working in my life, that I can’t help it. Granted, I am far from perfect, […]

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Beloved, forgive me for folly I fumbled faster than fractured ankles. I was too foolhardy to see the fall before me, he forked me with his silver tongue, spooning me intimately with serrated lies. Words like Failure, Frustration, and Fornication were all foreign like language to me. How could I trade the land you pre-ordered […]

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The Untold Oscar Story

        Only one year after #OscarsSoWhite, we all sat and witnessed the triumphant victories displayed by several African Americans. What a joyous night for the last Sunday of BLACK history month. For those that did not tune in to The Oscars last Sunday; Viola Davis, made history becoming the first ever African […]

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