A Continuation Of Fellowship

[wpvideo NVkqG5xc] Peace and Grace from God Everyone, We at the UntoldofStoryofBlanc hope you had a sensational weekend. This post is a follow up to the post on Friday, we felt the words weren’t serving the event enough justice. We hope that this will help you jumpstart your week on a positive note. With Love, […]

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Fellowship at BCFNC

Last week I attended the Bethel Campus Fellowship National Conference. A life changing experience to say the least. I had expectations going into the conference, but the conference well exceeded my expectations. I felt God changed my life the second .The constant worship and praying warmed my heart. The word says where two or more […]

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Premier De Nombreux

    “Rodney’s child growed up like that little boy down the street, sad. He don’t never smile” Marcus J. Brutus   The painting above is described as a simple black & white portrait of an anonymous, sad young boy. Living in 1960s Harlem.     This being our first ,’premier’, art feature of the […]

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[wpvideo h1qVN3aI] This year has been a year of growth and we are only half way through the second month of the year. It has been my personal goal to see us all grow together in 2017. We all have dream and I feel like God gives us so many gifts, but not for us […]

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Why is Boldness Hated?

Be Bold; A statement so easily said, however, actions rarely follow. Bold; think about it. When you hear the term, a picture is engraved in our mind as we see an accent of something sticking out. A majority of individuals claim to want to stick out, but settle for conformity. It’s hard being different, when […]

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His-Story Untold

Three days into black history month, and the notorious Donald J Trump has flooded the headlines not once but TWICE. How I feel about this man is obvious, but more importantly If you have been following the blog over the past couple months, you know how I feel about the culture. I love Black, every […]

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