Dear Mom and Pop

Dear Mom and Pop,
My final semester of COLLEGE begins on Monday, and I had to just take the time to express how much I appreciate and love you both. This accomplishment makes me the first of the family to graduate from college and that is an honor in itself, but the biggest honor is to bring home the diploma to you both. You’ve both watch me struggle twenty-one years and make poor decision after poor decision, but yet your love conquered the ignorance that laid within my heart. I was a bad child, although on the outside I masked it well I would nod to you face as if I understood and would proceed to do the exact opposite.  You’ve both been my superheroes, you’ve all done things that a batman or superman could hope to accomplish. You raised a black boy into a man in America. No one may understand the level of such an accomplishment, but none of the less I know your worth. From Haiti to America, a transition that many took and many failed at but by God’s grace with no knowledge of the foreign land, you’ve made a living.
Mom, I don’t where to begin. My Heart, My Joy, My Everything. Thank you isn’t enough and truly no words can express my gratitude. I love you so much. I gave you diabetes and high blood pressure through your pregnancy with me. I watch as a needle penetrates your skin, up until today. To this day; I hear you complaining about the pain and soreness and it brings me to tears. To this day; I see you wake up at 4 am and drag out of bed to go to work, pain and all, the work was always done. We never missed a meal in the midst of all of that. Proverbs 31 was written about you, and I thank God for the love and faith that you’ve carried in him. Through your love of Christ, I started my path; I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. When I pray for my wife at night, I ask that she is at least a mere fraction of the woman that you are. I know that if she is even a percentage of the woman that you are than I’m in good hands. Thank you so much for making me into a man.
Pop, Maaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!! My Rock, My Shield, My Everything. We started so hot, but we grew through it. You held me at a young age, in the palm of hands, you lifted me up and you dedicated my life to God. Thank you! I never understood what you meant but now I see it and clear. Pops, I saw God come and transform your life. I’ll never forget the day you got baptized, when you rose through that water in all white, the joy on your face said it all.  I knew you were my superhero. When you told me that you started off at $6.50 with a family of 4 and wife, but still made sure there was food in the kitchen; I was flabbergasted. A gentle man indeed, with a fury that can shake the world. I comprehend the value of you in my life because a lot of people pray for the things that you’ve done for me. You’ve taught me what it takes to be a man and that’s all I could ever ask for. Just like mom to this day you wake up at 4 am to CATCH THE BUS to work.  21 years, 365 days a year, endless metro trips back and forth but you made it happen.  I pray to God to make me at least 2% of the man that you are. If I’m honored to see that, then I know I’ll be alright. Thank you so much for making me into a man.
You both inspire me daily, despite my flaws and the troubles I cause you. The love you’ve instilled upon me was God given. You both sowed your all into me and I’m here to let you know you will reap the rewards. I take pride in the name BLANC and it is because of you all.  May 20th, we know the date and I’ll see you there. As we all will reap the rewards of our hard work.
Love You Always,
Little Blanc.