New Year No Title

Two. Zero. One. Seven.
A new year, a transition towards progression, a new direction.
2016; humbled us, crushed us, but also prepped us for 2017. One can say that a common theme of this past year was individuals feeling a lack of appreciation.Swiping through social media could leave you cold watching the heartfelt rants people post on a daily. “I did this and I did that,” and since proper recognition is not provided. We can all sit and watch, as we are bombarded with a series of “lack of appreciation” tweets followed by a #samephonewhodis.
We put forth so much effort in trying to gain approval. We are distraught and angered when the responses do not correlate with the effort, because in our minds we wasted time.This of course is as far away from the truth as possible. Just because the world doesn’t find something important doesn’t mean that it is insignificant.The world is narcissistic and full of itself and too often we depend on the world to find our worth .

The template of 2017, find value within yourself …If you paint a picture, you took the time and laid your heart into each stroke . If you’re content with the finished product, why does it matter if the next person doesn’t appreciate it? We get angered when the world doesn’t gives us the credit we think we deserve. So we keep grinding and persevering trying to prove our worth until…
And it dies with until.
Searching for our worth in the world, we fall into this endless void of searching and ultimately we find ourselves saddened because it isn’t what we wanted. Most of us just wander thinking about that missing something. We know something is absent and we focus on trying to understand the situation and ultimately it consumes us. We often see the absence of attention as a negative , not realizing the absence of one thing can allow light to shine on another.

In 2017, let us learn from the mistakes of 2016. We cannot allow ourselves to be marginalized by the lack of appreciation from others. We all must know that God created us all equally, that being said; no opinion weighs greater than the other. With all that being said the identity that must be carried in 2017 is an appreciation of oneself. We must carry ourselves with a confidence that resembles a fragrance that illuminates rooms when we step through allowing our presence to be felt.
In 2017, We are the head and not the tail. Conquerors is an understatement and appreciation comes from within.
With Love,