Love is the Answer

I wonder if this will make a difference.Will the voice of one oppressed crying out against the clear sign of percecution towards a group make a difference. I don’t know what will come of this post .  Some will hear it and be called to march, others will hear it and be outraged .My hope […]

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Untold Story Of HBCU

The clock is ticking for many seniors this semester. For some; the end of a journey, for others a bridge to grad school. As eager as I am to get away from this institution, part of me is saddened when I realize what is waiting for me once I walk across that stage. A degree […]

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Dear Mom and Pop

Dear Mom and Pop, My final semester of COLLEGE begins on Monday, and I had to just take the time to express how much I appreciate and love you both. This accomplishment makes me the first of the family to graduate from college and that is an honor in itself, but the biggest honor is […]

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Inauguration Day

Hello All, I hope you all have been having an amazing week. This weeks blog post is simply inspirational, I’ve been seeing a lot of negativity around ,and it troubles me to be honest. I’ve said it time and time again, but all it takes for evil to progress in this world is an absence […]

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A Shift Towards Progress

[wpvideo wMaViU9w] Picture This. You work your tail off everyday for twenty years of your life; only to have your life taken while walking  40 minutes to class on the day of your final. This seems like a plot t0 a bad crime movie, but unforunatly I lived through such a wild scenario . This […]

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An Experience Without A Lesson

A Life Changing Experience No Justification Just a series of questions That answers love to escape I share this piece, A piece of me In an effort to increase the peace Part of me believes, it’s a dream to say the least . Will this piece make a difference? probably not But what about if […]

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An Untold Story Of Blanc

[wpvideo 4SSUlh7v] This untold story is a personal reflection of my life. I struggle getting all of my words out ,and you can clearly see it in this video. Overall, I can say this was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done in my life. One thing is for certain though, I struggle […]

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Appreciation Untold

[wpvideo K2oJxJQ8] After my last post, I received a large amount of responses from people. I realized that had focused the end result, but left everyone to figure out the process by themselves. After the 700th draft, I accepted that I would lose the attention of the audience. I was typing way too many words […]

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New Year No Title

Two. Zero. One. Seven. A new year, a transition towards progression, a new direction. 2016; humbled us, crushed us, but also prepped us for 2017. One can say that a common theme of this past year was individuals feeling a lack of appreciation.Swiping through social media could leave you cold watching the heartfelt rants people […]

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