Fades And Fellowship

WEBSITE:http://fadesandfellowship.com/ Yesterday, I attended the Fades and Fellowship Production at the Motor House in Baltimore and it was truly an honor and privilege. I was overwhelmed with the amount of culture that filled the room, and the lovely heartfelt aroma that followed it. Endless art from the people of the community and the most beautiful […]

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Dear People

Dear People, I know it has been a while, recently I cannot lie it has been hard finding time to maintain everything. The reason behind this blog and the reason of how everything came to be is quite interesting. I draw a lot of questions because the “about” is a poem so people often wonder […]

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I’m infatuated Infatuated with love I love the way you hold me When you don’t know my flaws Im so infatuated Infatuated with love But if u get to comfortable I have to let you go Im so infatuated Infatuated with love I really want to get the chance to love you Before you walk […]

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Does Love Matter?

I’m struggling As words can’t describe this emotion I feel robbed Like I stared into the eyes of a hollow barrel And had anything I put my effort toward Snatched away I Guess My Love Ain’t Good Enough sometimes That’s why the things I care about most Often escape me Thats why I loved balling […]

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Picture This A Dark, Silent, and Lifeless Room At the End of the Room Lies The Smallest Fragment of Light Known to Man Now Picture This A White Uninhabited Void of a Room At the End of this Room Lies A Dark Spec Smaller than the Smallest Fragment of Light Known to Man Surprisingly I […]

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Questions Never Asked

I got a question for love if you’re out there please answer my call These questions are haunting me I cant breath Question? Question For love please give me a sign Hey love hey love I need some answers –  Meme Blanc © 2016 – 2017 THE UNTOLD STORY OF BLANC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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The True Story of Media Noir

“Hollywood Has A Major Diversity Problem, USC Study Finds” “Odell Beckham fought a net and started crying after Eli Manning’s game-changing interception” “Police say black teen shot by LAPD was armed with a handgun when he was killed” “Black Child with BB Gun Is Shot by Police in Columbus, Ohio” “Bill Cosby Does Not Want […]

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Untitled Emotions

Blinded by sin feeling lost and careless Revenge on my mind Searching for my soul but a soul You will not find No one cared about my feeling so I’m lost in this jungle called life finding my own healing God is calling my name But I cant hear him through this rain Fighting my […]

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