It’s 3am and I’m UP…. I should go to bed but I can’t sleep. I habitually surf through Instagram pics looking for an instafix to an intimacy deficiency problem. As my fingers scroll through pictures of people who only post there best moments in an attempt to filter their lives from living as unhappy people, […]

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Jemele’s Story

Oppression – the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. Many individuals can identify with this noun, over the course of history individuals have encountered injustice on many levels. So when you hear an individual speak out for the oppressed, it is remarkable to see the constant onslaught that one […]

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La La Anthony x Lord & Taylor

La La Anthony, Fashion Designer La La Anthony is an afro Puerto Rican American TV personality turned fashion designer. La La is married to Carmelo Anthony a well-known basketball player for the New York Knicks. She started her career as being one of the hosts of MTV TRL . She is a multi fascinated actress, […]

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Nicolas Monroe Feature

 Intimate. Your favorite jazz record on vinyl painting the room. Dim lights and charka candles aligning the energies. Let me cater to you. Your favorites fruit dripping a bowl. Ready to stimulate your taste buds. Lay your head on my lap and give me your hand. Close your eyes. Feel the vibration from the tone […]

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“Know Your Worth.” We’ve all heard the phrase, and most of us have probably said it to someone at one point in life. We say this phrase but honestly, how many of us put it into practice. How does one display knowing their worth? This phrase can apply to nearly anything in life, whether it’s […]

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Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

Okay so if you haven’t heard yet Rihanna has now launched her makeup Beauty line called Fenty Beauty. And I must say that it is the most amazing visually stimulating beauty line that I have ever seen. Also being that it’s a black woman behind it all is even more exciting. “FENTY BEAUTY WAS CREATED […]

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Ain’t Let Me In

The club owner ain’t let me in, So I built one. The coach said I couldn’t shoot, So I bought the team. “YOU can’t do….” So I did. Just so I can be remembered for a lesson to the kids Life fights to deny you, others will come and try you, But he who perseveres […]

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Dedication is the key to the success. Wether or not one understands your passion is beneath you. Your niche is for you, understand that God prepared a path specifically for you and the world may not understand it at first. Many come before you and doubt your process. In the minds of the people, your […]

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Eric Jones: LFLS Shoes

Life can throw many curveballs and obstacles, how we persevere through those displays our character and determination. Nothing in life should hinder you from reaching your full potential. This is very true in the case of Eric Jones, CEO designer of “LFLS,” shoe company. Eric Jones grew up in the small town of Helena, Arkansas […]

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In these Times

Lord. People are hurting People have reached their limit back pressed against the wall and mouths remain, mum People are treading blindly as relationships crumble, disasters continue and hate fills the world. Lord. People are upset, mad at the current situations they face, they see life as a mistake “Why am I here,” it’s a […]

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Let’s Talk Positive 

Let’s Talk Positive. With everything that has been going on recently, there has been something that has been on my heart recently to share. As much as everyone is looking at the negatives of the situation, which is the fact, that hate is still very prevalent in the society. One thing that we cannot neglect […]

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  From the moment I laid eyes on you, My eyes gazed through you peeking into The beautiful soul I saw shining behind the flesh of your chest. A notion of remembrance as I gaze back Intention of love snatched back Reality struck, bittersweet situation With growth blooming as a rose Stuck between a bundle […]

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Colin’s Story

I stood for something   So, I knelt for injustice   There are many ways to prove a point   So I chose one.   Headline to Headline   Uprising or Riot, terms coined to describe the reaction.   I knelt for Travon as Zimmerman walks around with a smile on his face.   I […]

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Facial Figure

Hair— golden-brown, like sweet maple saps, Brows— recurved canoes quivered by the anxious truth, stop, don’t let the negative thoughts loose Her eyes— deep in depth, light mist of tears into more so sheets of rain condensing on the flesh below Yet glistening beautifully in mine line sight And her muscles encroached while her tears […]

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I got my finger on the pulse of the people and our hearts are beating like we’re 600lbs and we just had the big piece of cake……we’re ready to explode. So if one more person mentions black privilege I’m coming in your house guns blazing and I bet when I walk out I won’t get […]

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This lifestyle was a choice, a personal decision to hold me for a later time. I didn’t know what to think in the beginning, so many failed attempts to preserve myself for the one true love that God had prepared for me. How? I had been engulfed in a culture of my own lust where […]

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I got locked up at a very young age, yes, at a very young age… I was out with some friends, yeah some close friends of mines. And after a party me, my girl, and two friends walked down the Boulevard to an after party; it was obvious after hours in a sketchy part of […]

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Dear Her.

Dear Her, Where do I begin? I could start with the apology, but that would be too anticlimactic. I’ll save that for the end. Her, I was so stupid. I clearly didn’t appreciate the gift that God had presented me. Her, you were everything and more than to a friend to me. No wonder I […]

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Does it REALLY matter?

Please forgive me in advance! The unapologetic tone of this article may cause stomach pain and headaches across the board. I have to ask a question, do black lives matter to black people? Or do they only matter when a Cop is holding the gun. Is homicide an injustice that stirs an outrage, only when […]

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My lungs are full of smoke I’m starting to choke I think I need a smoke break see, a lot of us Believers are under the influence under the influence of everything less than the most high. Full of gas like hot air balloons and just as empty and useless when they pop. See gas […]

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To My Love

To my love! I love you, I need you! I remember when you told me that you would never leave me. You told me not to fear because you overcame the world. And I still neglected the truth. I wanted to have fun and party as a bachelor and come home and sneak through the […]

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The Hope Slope 

What are feelings Emotions driven By the force of the order of things Known by man as the natural Occurrences of complex and unusual Cohesion or perplexed discord Does what I feel represent what I am Internally I’m a trillionaire, we’ll inept in the commonwealth, never struggling, direction heading in a steady slope, Thats why […]

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Many of us struggle to see under stars that don’t shine, we tarry under clouds full of rain And attempt to find shade like refugees in search of refuge and nirvana. On a journey to promise the land we find ourselves in is not full of milk or honey. But killers bees in search of […]


Words From Blanc

Hello All, I know it has been a while, a lot has happened over the last two months, thus hindering me from posting as much as I would like. That being said I have returned and I am back with more energy than ever. Excited for what life has to offer, being a newly graduated […]

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My soul is waxed dry in search of rest like restless souls Left for dead hung on the crucifix of my own vanity. Ridicule by demons, I can hear them bickering, I hear them chanting a new song-as they drink of my tears, their glasses are full of my foolishness. Handled into familiar positions, by […]


Dear Mom and Pop

Dear Mom and Pop, My final semester of COLLEGE begins on Monday, and I had to just take the time to express how much I appreciate and love you both. This accomplishment makes me the first of the family to graduate from college and that is an honor in itself, but the biggest honor is […]

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New Year No Title

Two. Zero. One. Seven. A new year, a transition towards progression, a new direction. 2016; humbled us, crushed us, but also prepped us for 2017. One can say that a common theme of this past year was individuals feeling a lack of appreciation.Swiping through social media could leave you cold watching the heartfelt rants people […]

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A Prayer Right on time as Crisis mode has reached an all time high As foundations shift, and forever impact lives  Buildings crumble with years investments  Lives are being changed forever, but my eyes remain to sky, understanding in my heart that I have no right to question why So I stay rooted and I […]

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